Reduced price! New New Arrival Women Evening Bags Wedding Purse With Chain Luxury Rhinestone Clutch Crystal Clutches Expand

New Arrival Women Evening Bags Wedding Purse With Chain Luxury Rhinestone Clutch Crystal Clutches

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New Arrival Women Evening Bags Wedding Purse With Chain Luxury Rhinestone Clutch Crystal Clutches 

Occasion: Banquets, prom, cocktail parties and other special occasions, meetings with friends, family reunion, dating and other daily occasion. Crystal diamond: CrystalbyFGG adopts domestic AA diamond with 18 cut surfaces, so it has good refraction effect, and can shine.It is more gorgeous than its pictures. All its angle shines. It is a beautiful and elegant evening handbag. Hardware: CrystalbyFGG uses K gold aluminum-free plating process. Each hardware is well selected to ensure there are no scratch, bubble, and no rust on surface. Fabrics: CrystalbyFGG adopts emulation silk stain. The adoption of light silk makes cloth charming, thin, soft, colorful, and lustrous. Size:



It's pink, but otherwise great.

Other reviews of this item included complaints that it came folded in half; mine did not. One corner is a little bit wrinkly, and another is not quite flat on the desk - yet - but those are very minor points. It does stay in place, and that's important to me, as I shuffle things (books as well as papers and files) around on my desk quite a bit. My mouse seems to like it just fine. Other reviewers also complained about the smell, and yes, it does smell a little like a marker. I left it outside for a couple of hours, and now it's fine unless I put my nose within an inch or so of it - which I don't do.The 2018 (and on the flip side, 2019) calendar it comes with is big enough for me to jot notes on, so I don't have to fumble through pages of a wall calendar. The clear plastic cover under which the calendar fits has a 3?" pocket across the bottom, into which I can tuck notes; it also has a 35 mm "ruler" printed on it. I don't know how much I will use that, but we'll see. There are two other clear plastic pockets, one that's 12" tall by about 5?" across, with the opening on the outside edge. On the other side of the pad is the second clear pocket, about 3" square, again with the opening along the edge of the pad. There's one more pocket, also about 3" wide, and about that deep - but it's U-shaped, so not really that deep.One thing I'm not sure I'll try to use is the smart phone/business card holder. It's two pieces of [pink] foam that I think I'm supposed to peel and stick onto the upper left corner of the pad, with enough space between them to rest my phone or tuck in some business cards. My phone already has a stand, and it's a home office, so I don't keep business cards on display - but I may be able to use this for something else. I like that this mat has some versatility to it. :-)The only thing I don't like about it - and I debated whether to take a star off for it, and decided not to - is that the only color it comes in is bubble-gum pink. (In some offices, it might be the only cheery dash of color.) It looks like it's going to perfect in every other respect, though, It fits perfectly cross my desk (it's about 25" wide and 12?" deep) and doesn't go too far back from the edge toward my monitor, so - except for the color, I couldn't be happier. I've just started using it today, and anticipate being able to use it for a few years. :-)UPDATE: I've had this for a while now, and overall, still like it. I have noticed two things that I did not expect, though (neither of them deal-breakers). One is that the clear flap under which the calendar goes tends to bow up slightly on one side, so that it's a bit crooked at the bottom. This doesn't affect the function at all; it just bugs me a little. The other is - and my son explained this to me - is that while it generally works fine as a mouse pad, the colors on the calendar - the one it comes with has green and red on it, and I have circled some dates in green and black ink - interfere just slightly with the mouse's function. As my son explained it, the different colors create variances in the way the mouse's underneath light reflects, and the result is that it hesitates every once in a while. I had noticed that, but didn't know why - now I know, it's no big deal. So - I still like this, and if something happened to it, I'd get another one (and hope it wasn't pink).



It's beautiful only problem I have and why it won't get 5 stars my iPhone 6s doesn't not fit in it at all so be aware of this if you want to fit everything in


Conversation starter

The picture of this bag does not do it justice, this bag is beyond beautiful. I know when I use this bag it will be a conversation starter, it is that outstanding..



This is a beautiful piece. Great weight, shape and size. Nice sparkle! Thank you.


Five Stars

I bought it for a Christmas gift (and gave it to her early). She LOVES it!!!


Pretty light pink color

Pretty light pink color, lays flat on my desk, bonus 2017/2018 calendar. No regrets! Hope these photos will help you decide. :)


A hit with a teen!

My 18 year old loves it!


I love it. True bling

What a beaty....I love it. True bling. The rhinestones are gorgeous. Comea with extra in case of replacement.


Five Stars

Beautiful even more then the picture ??

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New Arrival Women Evening Bags Wedding Purse With Chain Luxury Rhinestone Clutch Crystal Clutches

New Arrival Women Evening Bags Wedding Purse With Chain Luxury Rhinestone Clutch Crystal Clutches